Garage doors

Trackless Canopy Door Gear

Up and Over Canopy

Up and over canopy doors are the most popular style of lifting gear in the UK with a vast range of door styles to suit. Ideally matched to where there is limited headroom for tracks.

Retractable Door Gear

Fully Retractable

An alternative lifting gear with up and over canopy doors. Horizontal tracks are attached to the top of the frame to guide the door open, providing an exceptionally smooth action, which is ideal for electric operation.


Roller doors travel vertically, forming a compact coil above the opening, meaning minimum space is required both inside and out; this means that the maximum opening space is achievable. Slimmed down versions require even less headroom and are available on request.

Side Hinged

Popular "traditional" operational and ideal if there are obstructions within the garage. Excellent security and very durable construction ensure a long trouble-free service and automation is available as an option.


Vertical opening allows "park-right-up" convenience, whilst the extension or torsion spring gives a super smooth mechanism. Enclosed moving parts and push away joints to the panels make for finger safe operation.

Personal Entry Door

There's no need to raise and lower the whole garage door just to get to your bike, tools or lawnmower; our personal entry doors allow for quick entry in and out. All doors are manufactured from of double-skinned, galvanised sheet steel with CFC-free PUR rigid foam core, or solid wood and supplied as standard with a handle set and security locks.

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